I can’t lie to you, when the children asked if they could hold an Easter party I immediately thought: mess, expense and effort. But ohhh how they persisted, so I had to get my thinking bonnet on and work out how best to host a great party without it taking too much of my time to organise.

I was brought up catholic and went to an all girls catholic school, but as I began to form my own opinions on religion I have moved away from Catholicism, and more toward pagan beliefs. The Pagan holiday Ostara celebrates growth, love, and fertility in nature and in your own life. The holiday it’s self was on the 20th March this year but as those around us celebrate Easter so I have been extending the celebrations!

Given that neither of us have full time jobs anymore, surprisingly we don’t have much space in the budget for family parties, I do have a fair few ideas which I thought that I would share so that you may be able to use them too!


1. Keep your guest list small!

Once you decide to have a party it can become really tricky to know where to draw the line when it comes to inviting additional friends and family. We were due to have a get together with Levis parents and brothers anyway, so why not combine the two?

He is one of four boys, and each of them has a partner and children, so because of this we wont be inviting anyone else. The children will have cousins to play with so there is no need for them to invite school friends.


 2. Don’t bother with paper invites.

Text or Facebook invites are just fine!


3. Everyone bring a plate

When you message your guests be completely honest, something along the lines of:

“ Hey do you fancy coming over for a get-together on Easter Sunday? I’m thinking I’ll bake a load of cakes and everyone bring a savoury dish to share. “

Its quick and painless, and you can guarantee that everyone will have something to eat that they like. Also… fewer dishes!!!


4. Bake cakes

Providing you don’t go overboard on the perfect Pinterest cake, then baking should be much cheaper than buying. My plan is to get the kids on board with the baking so that it doubles up as something to keep them busy the day before.

And of course there is the obligatory chocolate nest with mini eggs on top!

I have a perfect, tried and tested carrot cake recipe that I will pop on the bottom of the page.- see you don’t even have to search the recipe!




5. Don’t go overboard on Decorations

Okay this is a big one for me, I love an instagramable backdrop, and its so easy to get carried away chucking decorations into a shopping basket , but this can often be wasteful, and cheaper shop bought decorations are not so environmentally friendly.

My plan this year is to make use of some of the hundreds of beautiful paintings that the children have brought back from school. Obviously the best ones are up on the fridge, but I am greeted with colouring and paintings on a daily basis and the fridge is only so big!

We are cutting them into egg shapes, hole punching the tops and making bunting.

Albert also has a pretty mean stick collection, so I will see if I can get him painting a couple of choice sticks in pastel colours.


6. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

I’m working on this one. Its in my nature to want everything to be the best that it possibly can, but the result is that I stress myself out silly, and forget to enjoy myself! So I’m keeping the chat breezy and the expectations realistic.


I hope this is useful to you guys, don’t forget to tag @wearealfafamily in your Easter pics, especially if you make the cake and I’ll let you know how my party goes.

Link to the best carrot cake ever, and all my non-vegan family love it. WIN




PIC: The sleeping lady at the lost Gardens of Heligan  – take a trip if you haven’t already been!


Ways to introduce a little Ostara tradition into your easter celebrations!

It's not for everyone, but for those who are interested, then perhaps do a little bit of reading up 🙂 here are some ways that you can have a go at introducing some Ostara tradition into your home.

Using herbs like Lavender, Thyme or Rose hip. Burn them, display them in bunches or add them to your cooking.

Bringing fresh flowers into the house, I particularly like tulips, but also Daffodils are a great choice, they are currently 95p a bunch in Aldi and I have them everywhere. (I also keep the dry petals!)

Have a spring clean! Clear out unnecessary clutter that could be dragging you down, let fresh air into the house, and notice the change in your energy.