Wow, things on the blogging front are starting to get some momentum, it looks like you guys are connecting with us and starting to enjoy the content a little more in recent weeks which I must say, is reassuring! 

This week was our seventh wedding anniversary, seeing as things have been so busy with Alfa we thought that we would make the effort to get away just the two of us, disconnect from our phones and spend some time together. As it happens we were late leaving and had to come back early because of work commitments, so it wasn't quite

the break that we had anticipated. However we were really chuffed to have received the inquiries that we did, and to have been able to spend a night away at the beautiful Bearslake Inn in Oakampton.




When Levi and I decided to launch Alfa we had so many ideas and avenues that  we wanted to explore. Levi obviously was keen to put most of his energy into Alfa Design, which, may I add he is slayyiiinnngggg! And I wanted to run Alfa Family, write the blogs and manage the brand. Simples. NOT.

In order to support ourselves we have been working on weddings, markets, craft fayres, art campaigns, visual merchandising and more . We are having to learn about balancing the books, taxes, budgeting, web management, advertising, networking, press, and how on earth to keep children entertained for long periods of time. We research endless environmental alternatives to keep our home, and practice as green as it can be, and are basically feeling like we are winging everything ( largely because we are).

Essentially the last four months have been an absolute mind-field, but recently it feels like things are falling into place. Its been a very strange feeling, sharing our lives online so publicly, and often we wonder if anyone is watching/ reading and if anyone actually cares about what we are doing. Those of you have been watching our Instagram stories,or maybe reading our blogs have started to speak up and connect. Our inboxes are gradually lighting up with messages and emojis. You sent some great responses to our last blog about food poverty (   - for those of you haven't read that one yet) .

This last week, a few of you have tagged us in relevant articles, pictures of products that you think we may like and even showed us that you have had a go at our budget recipes. I can't even begin to explain how happy this has made us, and it really got me thinking. Hopefully you like something that we are doing, otherwise you wouldn't stick with us right? Well we want to produce more of what you like to see.

  • Sustainable living hacks
  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Days out
  • Parenting
  • Running a business
  • Perhaps there is an event that you would like us to cover?


Your mission this week: Wherever you are following from, drop us a message or send a little wave and let us know that you are out there and what you want to see more of! We cant wait to hear from you.

One last thing! We are now on Pinterest, so I will pop some links below for those of you who are on there, as well as our usual platforms 🙂 

xxx A xxx


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