Very few feelings can compare to that of the wind in your hair, the sand under your feet, and the gentle lapping of waves. It has long been known that visiting the seaside can significantly reduce stress and evoke feelings of calm, maybe that's why we love it so much. Life can be so demanding, we can feel overwhelmed at times, the beach has become our sanctuary, and we intend to keep it that way.

This week we attended our first organised beach clean, I’m ashamed to say that it took us so long to attend one, but progress is progress none the less. So we grabbed our litter pickers, and buckets and started collecting!

This particular event was organised by ‘Plymouth Beach Clean’ – a group that we follow on Facebook who organise local beach cleans and provide all of the equipment. We would also recommend following ‘Surfers against Sewage’ who do some incredible work keeping our shoreline clean.

It doesn’t take long, we were only there for an hour and then rewarded ourselves with tea and toast in the local cafe. All equipment was provided so we could literally just turn up and start, no packing the car up and faffing around. The litter pickers meant that we didn’t have to get grubby, our Freya is a total germaphobe and she had a complete misconception that it would be grimy and disgusting – it was not. There is something about participating in an act of kindness that it just gives you an enormous sense of well being, you get to go about your day knowing that you did something great.

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If we haven’t inspired you to attend your next local beach clean, here's something else that you could try on your next visit.  Set aside 2 minutes, put the timer on your phone, and just collect as much as you can.  Visit beach where #2minutebeachclean has set up an amazing app to record your findings and join a wider community.