So this week has been a real eye opener.

It was last Friday that we introduced you to ALFA, and wow, the support that we have received has been amazing. So many lovely people have messaged us wishing us luck with our new venture, and also lots of wonderful people have been sharing our content- You do not realize just how much that helps us reach new audiences, and every like, share or follow we receive makes a massive difference to us.

Our flyers arrived from the printers this week and there was something about seeing our logo in print for the first time that made it all feel so real. We were both so in awe of it… Are we really doing this?!

It’s been a really busy week in terms of jugging work, kids, after school clubs and building the company! Levi is still working full time at the moment, and we are both being pulled in so many directions, and having to do some really late nights.

I also made my Vlogging debut this week over on our family instagram account : @wearealfafamily. If you’re not following yet then please do. It feels so unnatural to chat away at the camera not knowing if anyone is actually listening and to be honest I was starting to wonder if I was making a bit of a tit of myself. But then a few of you sent messages saying that you were enjoying it, which really reassured me, and gave me the motivation to continue. Some of the vlogs that I have done have been quite raw, but I am trying to give you an honest representation of how things are going for us, and that does not always involve great lighting, flawless makeup, and a tranquil backdrop!

We have been planning our launch party this week, which is super exciting! In an industry like this it is important to do anything that you can in order to stand out, so what better way to start than with a party! Part of being a responsible business for us was about utilizing the talent on our doorstep, and working with other local businesses and creatives, rather than using big companies for products and skills. Our launch will be an opportunity for likeminded teams and individuals to connect, skill swap and socialise. Our friends at The Hutong Café at the Royal William Yard kindly agreed to host the evening, which means that we already have a great location lined up!

This Saturday we ventured down to the Royal William Yard again on a sort of networking crusade! We armed ourselves with launch night invites, and flyers made by sustainable printers ‘Ashley house’ and dropped in to local businesses to tell them a bit about who we are and what our plan is. We were so nervous we sat in the car practicing for the 1stten minutes, and fighting over who should talk first, but to our delight each person that we spoke to was receptive, kind and enthusiastic about our business.  There is a really great emerging community of businesses down there, and we can’t wait get involved.

This week we have a few more meetings, and plenty of projects to keep us out of mischief. I am working on a sustainability article, and if anybody has any recommendations of great eco products, or businesses I would love to hear from you.  Tag yourself or your friends below.

We are also working on a lifestyle print series that I think you are going to love! It’s just a case of working our socks off to get it all ready in time, but as soon as we do they will be available to buy from our instagram, facebook, and etsy pages, as well as a few shops in Plymouth. I’ll keep you updates along the way.

I think that’s all from me for now, I have heaps of washing to sort out before school tomorrow and need to get some dinner on. No doubt it will be another late night for Levi and I again, but were not about to complain, things are going so well. Big big thank you to you all again!