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We were approached by Plymouth based marketing agnecy Formedia to work alongside them to produce a brochure design for ANS Global who make 'living walls' internationally.

The focus of the education pack was to promote the benefits of living walls to schools and other learning environments whilst maintaining the existing ANS Global brand identity.


We were delighted to be approached by Formedia to work with them on this project. We really believe in the benefits of having plants at home and ANS Global do an amazing job of bringing lot's of plant life into interior and exterior spaces in a really beautiful and efficient way. 

This 'School Education Pack' needed to focus on the health and concentration rewards from having more plant life in childrens surroundings whilst learning. Though the focus was obviously the children, it needed to talk to the teachers, head-teachers and parents of the schools, the ones ultimately that could make these changes for the better of the children. We felt this could be best achieved through photography that showed that interaction with the children.

The brochure was designed to be shared digitally to lower the carbon footprint, though a printable version was also supplied in case the schools needed this. The last page had an interactive task which could also be printed. 
Above is a screenshot of the kind of grid we use for designing brochures and books. This helps give the overall design a sense of consistency and ultimately a greater aesthetic. 

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