Sustainable/eco-friendly businesses

These days most of us are making greener steps in whatever we do. As a company that prides ourselves on being sustainable and eco-friendly, we thought that it was only fair to you that we share the choices that we have made in order to have self-certified this.

Limiting our use of paper products:

We always opt for digital communication with our clients as a main point of contact. Notepads are often replaced with backs of older paperwork when needed.

Working with other local & eco businesses:

When sourcing our products we always look to our peers for ways in which we can support our local business community and other eco-friendly businesses. All of our product decisions are made with the goal of being as environmentally friendly as possible.

Vegan lifestyle:

Our family lives a vegan lifestyle which consists of plant-based diets, and eco products, as we work from home a lot of the time, these choices are as much a part of our business life as it is personal.


We use local eco-friendly printers as much as possible.  Ashley House is based in Exeter and uses vegetable-based inks and FSC approved papers. 

Here are some of the local and environmentally conscious people we work with: 

If you have any further suggestions as to how we can improve the sustainability of our business then we would love to hear your suggestions!