So its day one returning to our new normality following the school holidays. We were so pleased to be avoiding the struggle and expense of childcare, smug with our new life choices,  ohhhh how Naive we were. Turns out children don’t just play quietly while you work, and if they start playing quietly, then be afraid because they are doing something terrible!!

Whilst scrolling through their website, we were so pleased to discover that Ocean Studios at the Royal William Yard hold workshops for children…burned out, and enticed by coffee and cake we decided to head down and see what it was like.

Mini Makers – Saturday mornings 10-12 -£1.00

Firstly you simply cannot dispute that £1.00 per child for two hours of crafting with materials provided is excellent value. Freya 8, and Albert 5 both participated in the workshop and both thoroughly enjoyed it. There were toddlers who were content cutting and sticking, and an older girl who sat beautifully coloring in a book. We were so relieved that the children could sit and create whilst we had a much needed cup of coffee and a little bit of a break. There is no need to book with this one which is great if you’re not sure of your weekend plans, then it’s the perfect escape out of the house on a dreary weekend.

Freyas Review : I think its really good, really fun. I made lots of cool pictures and I liked the scratchboards that Kathy made. It was something that I could spend the whole time on and not be bored. I would go again so that I can make more creative stuff, maybe next time they would get the clay out because that looked quite good. There are different teachers every week which might be good if they are all nice, but I did like Kathy because she seemed kind.

Shh by Sadie- Kids Beading workshop-£10

Freya attended the beading workshop on her own, but we needn’t have worried about her making friends, she was so engrossed in her beading we received the occasional glance but mostly she was so busy concentrating that she hardly looked up! The workshop cost covered the materials needed to make one bracelet and one necklace. Sadie’s friendly manner meant that Freya was totally at ease asking for help when she needed it, something that she is often a little too shy to do. We were interested to discover that Sadie runs parties for children and adults alike, Freya thought that it would make a lovely birthday party and is thinking about doing a beading party for her 9th.

We followed up the workshop with the children sharing a giant chocolate brownie, and a tour of the wonderful studios and facilities at Ocean.

Freyas Review: I think she (Sadie) was really kind, and I liked all of the jewelry and stuff that I could make. I made a really nice bracelet and necklace, it was hard to choose the beads because they were all really nice, but I got to put all of my favorite ones in my own pot. I think its better for older children, Albert is too crazy to sit down and do beads, but there was a little girl there who was quite young and she did it with her mummy and she had a good time. I would want to go back to make a book-bag charm or a key ring.


We will be keeping our eyes peeled for the next batch of children’s workshops, Freya really wanted to try the calligraphy but we missed that one. We may also be tempted to attend a couple of the adults workshops and review them for you… they look brilliant ! In the mean time we would recommend that you take a stroll down the Royal William Yard and visit the cafe at Ocean Studios. There is a wealth of beautiful work by local makers on sale, and also a modern haberdashery that will have you wanting to start every project under the sun, so be sure to pop in and get inspired.

We will be visiting again for workshops and brownies very soon!!