Its been another full on week this week, its full steam ahead for the big ALFA launch on the 5th, and Levi and I are still working our normal day jobs as well as attempting to fulfil our family duties. Towards the end of last week I think we were all feeling quite cranky, although things have suddenly started coming together at work and at home, which has given us the boost that we needed!

We have had lots of meetings with clients at the house over the last few months in preparation for going freelance. Whilst having clients visit the house does have its draw backs, (hiding the piles of laundry and keeping on top of the dishes) it is something that as a family business we really try to encourage. A home is a very personal space, and inviting someone in to your little bubble helps them to gain a real insight into the kind of person that you are. We want to continue in the direction of which we have created work for our friends and family, come for a brew and we can talk it through! Our door is always open, the kettle is always on, and we are always ready to get creative and work together on some great ideas.

One things that has been lovely is the number of people who have commented on the decor in out home-office, you guys really seem to like it. When we moved in it was an unusual shade of lemon which offended the eyes, so it had to go.

I had been lusting after a particular shade of Farrow and Ball, and a luxury wall paper  that I had discovered on instagram, but sadly the designers and my pocket did not seem to agree. – Story of my life, champagne taste, beer money. After some research I managed to find an almost identical paint at B&Q, and a beautiful wallpaper at wilko of all places.

My gallery wall is a work in progress, we are trying to let it grow organically with art that tells a story of a particular place and time in our lives. The same goes for most of my little trinkets as well.

One item that I particularly love is my bar cart. I have wanted one forever, but they are always hundreds of pounds and I just could not justify the expense. BUT lo and behold, in the window of a st Luke’s hospice charity shop not too far from home I spotted a rose gold bar cart for £6! Can you believe my luck?! I got it home, polished it up, and laminated the shelves with marble effect to give it the look that I had been longing for, and there it was, my bargain.  As a visual merchandiser by trade, I am always looking for ways to dress the cart to go with the seasons, so I’m currently going with a fresh easter look with plenty of flowers, but over Christmas I went heavy on the gold and even heavier on the gin bottles !

I have put together a list of key items, some gifted, mostly foraged and upcycled, but I wanted to show you that with a few statement peices that dont have to cost a fortune you can achieve something quite special.

I hope that this inspires you to create your own looks at home, and remember…

“mi casa, su casa”