Vegan kids Party Buffet Haul

I can't believe that its been a week already since Freyas 9th birthday, time really flies when you're close to the edge !!! I was super stressed out last week, with so much to do and the thought of entertaining little ones at home was pretty full on, but I must say that when it came to the food I was pleasantly surprised.


Can you imagine the stress of having to put on a vegan buffet at a kids party? Notorious for sugar loaded cakes, party rings and ham & pineapple pizzas, these kids were not going to be jumping for joy at the sight of a falafel and beetroot wrap, kids at parties are a tough crowd. And aside from all of that, vegan food is expensive, is it not? Or so we are led to believe. 

You would not believe the rush of relief I felt when I was able to complete a vegan kids party food haul at Asda last week in under 20 minutes, and it didn't cost the earth either. Supermarkets are defiantly getting much better, as big brands are taking on more veggie and vegan options. There is of course a separate issue of where you chose to shop as a consumer, and the reminder that processed foods are not a replacement for fresh natural foods. BUT for the sake of a party Im all in on this occasion. 


So, here it is... My vegan Kids party buffet!

Carrot, pepper & cucumber sticks 

Hummus dip, (its so cheap and easy to make your own! I'll pop a link in at the end.)

Asda mediterranean  pizza

Tortilla chips

Popcorn chicken style bites

Vegan  nuggets

Potato Pops

Veggie sausage rolls

Asdas own brand vegan chocolate cupcakes (big hit!)

Ben & Jerrys chocolate brownie vegan ice cream

Strawberries & Blueberries



I hope you find this helpful 🙂 

xx A xx


Asda vegan kids party food



Try making your own hummus:


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