Oh Heyeeyyyyy,

I haven't forgotten that I promised you an update on my attempt to break away from the fast fashion mind set! I have just been super busy with Alfa Design, merchandising, and looking after the little ones through the holidays. Never fear; what does one do when feeling overwhelmed and  stressed? Opt for some retail therapy of course. So I finally decided to go for it and visit a few of my local second hand stores in search of beautiful, preloved items of  clothing, Plymouth, you did not disappoint. 

Here are a few items that I have collected on my travels over the last couple of weeks:

This embroidered sheer top which cost me £3.50. I've worn it with some chunky gold jewelry and a dark lip.




This cute geometric print dress originally from Marks & Spencer's Limited Collection. I wasn't too sure about the colours to start with, but its cut really well, and hangs beautifully so I've fallen in love with it. Perfect work dress. £3.00




My new "floaty goth dress." ( As Freya calls it) 

Nightmare to photograph, no idea where I am going to wear it. Fell in love. £3.50. 








Last but not least, another skirt from M&S Limited Collection 99p!!I could wear this print for dayyyysssss.



Top tip ....Be an opportunist, drop in to a charity shop whenever you pass, the stock is unpredictable and always rotating, so you never know when you are about to stumble across a hidden gem.

xx A xx

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