A new decade brings new trends, and 2020 is no exception, we are here to guide you through the colours making a big impact this year, taking inspiration from Colour Hive, London Design Fair, and leading fashion collections for the next season.

Key Colours for 2020

Neo Mint

Young, fresh & gender neutral, neo mint reflects lifestyle trends of mindfulness, connections with the outdoors and the environment. Following on from 2019 interior design trends where we see an abundance of houseplants, neo green softly complements this. In colour theory, green is thought to promote feelings of clarity, relaxation and well being.

Classic Blue

PANTONE recently announced 19-4052 Classic Blue as their colour of the year. Classic blue, though seemingly a tame choice can be found amongst sumptuous dark interiors or in airy fresh palettes alike. The choice of this colour highlights a desire for timeless and dependable foundations to echo into the new decade. Classic blue will feature across many different platforms, from interiors, to clothing and stationary.


Dark mode - opulence, rich, feeling of luxury. Dark mode is a treat for the eyes. Seeped in richly saturated jewel tones and wintery florals, dark mode is about creating a make- believe world of indulgence and excess in a retreat away from recession, minimalism and eco-hues.


Futuristic Neons - a direct kick back from climate change, towards retro modern. Neon shades will lend themselves beautifully to an extension of the  monochromatic statements that we saw last season, in another resistance to austerity and minimalism, man/woman-made neon colours with light the way for 2020, with a gentle nod to 80s retro.

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